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I was born in Portland, OR and moved early in life to Carlsbad, CA. I spent my youth playing on the beaches and riding horses through eucalyptus forests.

I loved to draw as a child. I had a keen interest in science and biology which today is often reflected in my art. I moved to the foothills of the Sierra in 1989. Although moving from the ocean was difficult, I was drawn to having more natural beauty around me.

After many experiences with college, travel and business ownership I had my children and began my career as an artist in 2005. I began showing my work publicly in 2012. To date I have participated in but a handful of public art shows in Nevada County. The Wild and Scenic Art Festival, The 31st. Annual Pioneer Arts Membership Show (First Place Award for Acrylic), and the Art of Love Show at the ASIF Studio in 2013 and 2014 (Second Place People's Choice Award each year).

Artist's Statement

I am a self-taught, mixed media artist who finds inspiration through our natural world. I enjoy moving beyond more traditional approaches with painting. I love to work with an organic flow of highly pigmented inks, watercolors, and fluid acrylics accentuating color, depth, light and organic patterns.

My substrates are the less common; Yupo paper (paper made from plastic), Terra Skin (paper made from rock and resin), Clay-Bord (board by Ampersand made with a layer of clay) and Metal. My favorite mediums are inks and high flow acrylics with UV Varnish and resin.

I work to develop paintings that draw in my viewer with a sense of intrigue and beauty. Rarely do I start with a sketch in mind. Rather, I let the painting flow from my imagination onto my “canvas." It’s this organic method that I find both cathartic, as well as an authentic reflection of my unique style as an artist.

About My Work

All my work is sealed with several light layers of U-V varnish or resin to ensure generations of enjoyment if kept out of constant direct sunlight.

My work can be found in many private collections, corporations, hotels, galleries, Crate and Barrel and art shows/festivals nationwide.

If you would like to have a special painting done, I happily do commission work. Simply send me an email and we will start discussing. If you'd like to purchase any originals or limited edition prints (prints run to 50) please send me an inquiry. I promise you will have a quick response on pricing and availability.